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AI Sports Inflate

AI Sports Inflate

AI Sports только что объявила о  новой своей добавке. AI Sports Inflate будет относиться к категории "для пампинга".

В составе будет, состав сам по себе хорош, но как это все будет вместе работать покажет время.
Orotic Acid –Enhances Formulation of ATP (What our Cells use for Energy)

Arginine Nitrate- Arginine nitrate boosts the body’s nitric oxide levels. However just as important if not more, it helps in the more efficient transportation of nitric oxide, distributing it across the body via the muscles and bloodstream.

Beta Alanine Nitrate- Same Good ole Beta Alanine but its bonded to a nitrate to for the same  reason as Arginine Nitrate, more stability & better absorption.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)- is a mitochondrial fatty acid which is highly involved in energy metabolism and can also mimic insulin which in turn will result in better absorption. Also has potent antioxidant properties

Sodium Glycerophosphate (Glycerol)- Glycerol is a well-known ‘pump’ product here it appears to be bonded with Sodium & Phosphate for better absorption and possibly to offer added Electrolytes.

Stimulant Blend

Glucuronolactone- Common stimulant popular in energy drinks (5 Hour Energy) Relatively healthy stimulant with protective cardio-vascular & antioxidant properties.

Caffeine- Duh

Synephrine- compound found in fruits that exerts effects similar to Ephedrine but not nearly as potent.

Vinpocetin- Although not a stimulant in normal sense of the word, Vinpocetine/Vincamine increase brain activity and may induce a slight state of mental alertness.

Huperzine Compound known as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which results in increased amounts of acetylcholine, which can have nootropic & improved muscle contraction effects

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